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February 3, 2014

"The Wind of Heaven is that which blows between a Horse's Ears." -Arabian Proverb

There is something majestic about a horse.  It's beauty can be breath taking and it's size can be scarey, but awe inspiring.  It is even more beautiful when you see a person who has a true connection with these majestic creatures.  It is a bond you don't see often, but one you will never forget.

This is my niece.  She loves horses.  She started riding probably around the age of 7 or 8.  It has been so neat to watch her grow and even see how the relationship with these animals has shaped who she is.  If you know her around horses you know she is gentle, yet tough.  It seems as though it is effortless.  It is sweet to watch.  

She used to compete in jumping when she was little and I admired her for putting in the training to do her best.  It took courage to take an animal of that size and trust it to do what you willed.  Believe me I know.  We went on a trail ride through the woods one time and I don't have much horse riding experience.  Well, sure enough I had the horse that would get spooked if it couldn't see the horse in front of it.  Add to that a saddle that wasn't quite as tight as it should have been and you have the makings for a comical ride (at least in hindsight).  My horse took off and of course at that time the saddle decided to go sideways. We we are now picking up speed while I'm literally hanging on sideways tucking my head from hitting trees.  Thankfully my nephew was behind me and was able to direct me back up by pulling on the horse's mane.  I was really terrified and had a new perspective on life.  :-)  And yes, I did get back on a horse after that day.

Morgan has fallen off horses, even gotten bloody noses from runaway horses, but it never deterred her from getting back up.  Such perserverance is hard to come by.  I know she will do big things in her life if she applies that kind of diligence.  I love my niece like crazy and her brother and sister.  It makes me sad to think about how fast they've grown up and now having my own children it seems to go even faster.  From the little girls (her and her sister) who used to hold on to me when it was time for me to leave and beg for me to stay the night to the women they've grown into.  I know God has placed them in my life for a reason and I'm proud to be their aunt.

The horse that is closest to her heart is actually a little smaller; it is a pony.  Ginger is a fireball and rules the barn.  Although she is small, she is mighty and makes her presence known.  When Morgan first got her she used to do a little flick on her and quietly say, "No Ginger."  It was funny to watch, but today Ginger knows you don't mess with this girl just like the horses don't mess with Ginger.  They share a special bond and I think deep down they both know they need each other.


"I have seen things so beautiful they have brought tears to my eyes.  Yet none of them can match the gracefulness and beauty of a horse running free."  -Source Unknown



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