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2 kids 2 and under/ Chesapeake Children's Photographer

July 28, 2013

As a mom, you want to cherish every second of your child's life (except for the melt downs).  However, it is not always easy to capture those sweet traits on camera.  For some reason a signal goes off in the child's brain as soon as the camera comes out (act crazy or be stubborn).

It's not often that I bring out my big camera to photograph my children (shocking I know).  Phones have become such a great tool in keeping memories, however, they are really not the best quality.  The only really good thing about phone cameras is that kids are now becoming more comfortable in front of a camera.

I recently got in the studio with my two kiddos and just had fun playing around.  I had no set agenda and even let Abigail pick out her first outfit.  She is obsessed with fairies right now.  I've done sessions before with them where I wanted specific pictures and ended up getting frustrated.  I've learned that you just have to go with the flow with kids.  Let them get into a position and then you slightly tweak it to your liking.  So let me introduce you to my 2 little loves.


This is my sweet Abigail.  She is such a little diva.  She loves all things princess and fairy.  She is also convinced that she wakes up the sun each morning.

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Having a little boy is so different.  Emory is all boy and I love him for that, even if it does drive me crazy.  He is definitely a mama's boy.  He gets into everything possible and does not understand the word "No."  Right now he is obsessed with shoes and hats (especially his sister's).

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Little children in a blue rocking chair, Chesapeake Children's PhotographerJust shy of 19 months apart and they love each other like crazy.  Sharing toys is another story.  She loves "showing" him how to do things and he so adores her.  I think I can't love them anymore, but I love them a litte more everyday.

Little children playing fairy wings, Chesapeake Children's Photographer


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