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Boys will be boys / Chesapeake Children's Photographer

October 3, 2013

Little boys have a special place in a momma's heart.  I didn't know that until I had one of my own.  I love both of my children deeply, but my little boy is "momma's boy" and I love it.  Abigail is definitely "daddy's girl."  Boys can be wild and crazy, but so sweet and loving too.

I got to spend the morning with these 2 rascals and they kept me on my toes as we ran around the park and playground.  Who said you can't have fun while doing your job?  I say why not! 

He was a real pro on his scooter or as he would call it, "scoodin."  Some of my favorite photos of children are the ones where they are NOT looking at the camera.  It is like you capture their true emotion and personality.

His little brother is such a sweetheart and I can not get enough of those sweet little curls and chubby cheeks.

He's looks so proud of his big boy trike.


I can be competitive so it was a lot of fun to see if he could beat my camera shutter.

All the toys to play with yet a stick is so much better.

Sweet moments between brothers.  These don't always last long and I loved that I was able to capture them.

A little funny to end it how a boy would because we can't be too serious.  The world needs a little silliness. 

A characteristic of the normal child is he doesn't act that way very often. ~Author Unknown


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